Nancy Drew Review: …It’s a TV Show

You ever buy pizza from a supermarket?

The cheese doesn’t cook right, the toppings aren’t spread out right and the base is kind of papery. And then there’s the bite, you sink your teeth in and what you get taste like pizza but it doesn’t hit the same way the pizza you’d order in would taste. But its a Wednesday night, you’re tired, works been crap and the weekend is still an age away so something that’s warm and carby with a whisper of flavour will do for now.

That’s how I feel about the new Nancy Drew TV show

Who the hell is Nancy Drew


A1GTPf9yV5LNancy Drew might not be a familiar name to the audience this new CW show is trying to court but then again that’s kind of the point. She was a girl detective in books as far back as the 1930s, she’s been through so many iterations in this time but the heart of the character has always been an inquisitive intelligent girl getting to the bottom of mysteries.

In a way she was ahead of her time, headstrong and active main character it’s easy to see why she had an enduring popularity that spanned over a 150 books, tv shows and movies.

She’s a pop culture touchstone at this point and the inspiration for many female detective characters although as we progressed as a culture you can kind of see how- like many characters who had their heyday in the 1950s- she was relatively twee for her target audience now

Why reboot Nancy


I vaguely remember a couple of years ago they were floating around a Nancy Drew pilot where she was a cop in New York city, this was after the success of the Sherlock Holmes reboots in both Elementary and Sherlock. Nancy seemed like a logical reboot character we’re living in an age of constant reboots so why has Nancy never been given the same courtesy.

The first Nancy Drew reboot was during the 1990s featuring Nancy Drew as a criminology student in New York city and lasted a season, there was another failed pilot in the late 80s and the aforementioned recent pilot. But Nancy Drew never really captured the TV viewing audience.

But then the age of the reboot really got underway, Fuller House,90210 X-Files, Twin Peaks everything is coming back. An element of history made you sit up and take notice, there’s some studies about the eternal nostalgia of millennials that makes shows that have a backing behind them do well. There are very few shows these days that are entirely original, without at least a novel or a comic book as their main hook even if said TV show is entirely different.

Which brings us to our guy Riverdale, the gritty reboot of the Archie comics is a full on success with a connected Sabrina series attached. Nancy Drew seems like an obvious addition, an easy update to 2019, what could go wrong?

Nancy Drew for the CW

So we get to the pilot and our girl detective is retired. After the death of her mother she hung up her magnifying glass and graduated high school. She’s now working in a diner in her tiny hometown stuck. She’s in a casual relationship with Ned Nickerson and her frenemy George is now her boss. Nancy Drew is depressed and repressed and going nowhere fast.

And even before we’ve got a mystery this is where we run into our first problem.

Nancy Drew was brilliant, annoyingly so, in every iteration of Sherlock we saw a total embracement of this behaviour even if it was dickish. These guys were brilliant and new it straight off the bat, here at every turn Nancy Drew is seen apologising for what she’s doing and what she’s figuring out.

But why is this show hitting like this? In my opinion they seem to be following what works from it’s kind of cousin show, Riverdale. But Riverdale works with Archie as a kind of bland leading character because the world is supposed to make up the colour in Nancy’s world she’s supposed to be the colour. Here she’s conflicted about her mother’s death and overall just stuck, if we don’t know her history then Nancy doesn’t seem interesting at all which brings me to my next point.

The Nancy before

Veronica Mars - 2014

Although there hasn’t been a proper Nancy Drew TV reboot in the last, a girl detective became part of the cultural lexicon in a way that would define the genre. Veronica Mars. A neo-noir interpretation of a high-school girl detective, Veronica Mars drew the inevitable, um, Nancy Drew connations and readily embraced them for the new century. This version of a girl detective was smart, sassy, funny and a little dark, Veronica Mars became a cultural touchstone in her own right. So did the creators of this show not want to copy their kind of not really predecessor? They left this version of Nancy broken and a little loss as she tried to find her way. would it have really been so terrible for this Nancy to embrace her power in the same way as Veronica, Sherlock or the original Nancy Drew?

The mystery

In this version of Nancy Drew the driving plot of the story is the murder of Tiffany Hudson at the diner where Nancy Drew works. Nancy, Georgia, Bess, Ned and Ace are all suspects in her death and Nancy and her gang must work to find the real culprit. At the same time we’re presented with a twenty year old murder of former Sea Queen (homecoming queen watevs) Dead Lucy who may or may not be haunting the town.

Now we encroach on my main issue with this show…

To say I’m a connoisseur of good TV would be a god dam lie I watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars after all. But I do like a good mystery and for a good mystery you need a good victim.

In this version of Nancy Drew our main murder victim is Tiffany Hudson- who to the best of my knowledge isn’t even a character from the series (if she is feel free to send me hate I deserve it) the spoilt wife of Ryan Hudson, a kind of shady character who seems relatively removed from Nancy’s life. The character herself is a bored, overtly fancy wife of a character named Ryan Hudson who seems to have more of a relation to the characters however even here we’re left hanging for information.

We see Tiffany Hudson for all of two minutes within the pilot, she’s a caricature of a spoilt rich woman and she has no effect on anyone’s life so we don’t feel especially bad when she dies. This isn’t the best opening to a mystery.

If you look at similar shows, from Twin Peaks, Riverdale to Pretty Little Liars and Veronica Mars, hell even Broadchurch the death or disappearance was felt throughout the community which is why a small town murder mystery works so well. Lauren Palmer, the dead prom queen, Jason Blossom, the brother of the popular girl, Pretty Little Liars; the popular girl and Lily Kane…it’s all the mystery of this person that we find appealing and it gives space for the characters to grow without an overtly critical eye because hey they’re uncovering a mystery.

Here there may be a smattering of motive to kill her but no one grieves this character, not even her husband, the town isn’t moved by this murder. We don’t care that she’s dead because no one else does.

Which is why I think it shoehorned a plot about a dead prom queen which would of worked for the main plot but adding a prologue and occasional reference to her just seems like forgotten emotional labour.

The flicker of a good show


I regret not using Nancy Drew book puns as subtitles, if you’re writing something similar please Dm me and we will brainstorm.


This frozen pizza of a show does have some good points. Mainly acting, int his show mainly take place in one or two locations without much call for action leading the bulk of the interest to fall on the dialogue and the four main actors do a fantastic job. There’s genuinely chemistry between them and the campy, sarcastic and fun version of this show seems apparent when the four of them are together in the diner. I would hit the guys who play Ace and Bess as standouts.

It’s also a very slick TV show, it’s gorgeous to watch with a great colour palette and even though there seems to be only a few locations but everything about them is beautiful and it’s genuinely nice to watch.

I will keep watching, mainly because I’m a goblin with no tastebuds but also I want to see how this story progresses and how they cultivate those initial hurdles. There are some big names behind this show so I doubt my issues are just growing pains but rather integral points of the show as a whole.

Let me know what you think or what I got wrong in the comments down below…

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina “Chapter 4: Witch Academy” Review

Sabrina Spellman goes to Hogwarts… well kind of.

As part of her agreement with Father Blackwood in the previous episode, Sabrina is allowed to maintain some semblance of a normal life providing she start attending the Academy of Unseen Arts and expand on her powers and so she begins a weekend of immersion at Satanic hogwarts

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Ok so those Harry Potter kids have millions of dollars in the bank but do they have a sweater as cute as this? I don’t think so!

This episode is probably one of my favourite’s so far as it goes more into the witches’ lore in this universe and fleshes out more of the characters. At the same time Harvey, Roz and Susie may be one step closer to finding out what’s really in the mines at Greendale.

The Academy is part of Satan’s master plan to bring Sabrina into his fold whereas Sabrina views the Academy as a place she can learn how to summon and banish the proverbial King of Darkness.

However, it looks like Sabrina’s main issue at the Academy will be Prudence and her minions as they take her through a hazing ritual called the harrowing

Those Witches

Forcing Sabrina to go through the same levels of torture the ‘Greendale 13’ the thirteen members of their coven caught up in the Salem witch trials. Everything from staying up all night, being taunted by demons and made to experience the pain of hanging.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Watching a tree all night? Still more fun than Riverdale season 2

Headed up by Prudence and her magic plastics crew, Sabrina’s put through the torment and thanks to some typical teenager psychological mind tricks she has no real way of getting out it.

It’s actually one of my favourite plot points of the show, the delicate balance between magic and adolescence, also the outfits are amazing.

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 15.36.41

Seriously never admired someones commitment to black lipstick this much #fire

The trauma opens Sabrina up to all sorts of issues but what’s worse is the pain some other students had during their own harrowing.

Out of my mine

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

We have no concept of magic? Is he crazy or is he possessed or is he drunk?

Meanwhile back in Greendale Harvey and Roz find themselves at Susie’s farm, there’s been no real reference to Roz’s impending blindness or possible demonic possession this episode but rather Susie’s uncle and what he knows about the Greendale mines. Harvey’s been haunted by a goatman he saw down there years ago but is it the same thing and is it literally Satan?

Where are we now?

In summarising the first four episodes so far I’d say we’ve got a great series, but I don’t know if we’ve got a classic on our hands. This episode, in particular, helps usher in teen supernatural horror quite well, but I don’t know if it’s doing enough to define it.self.

I need the Whedon-esque humour to make things click as right now there’s a little bit of disconnect that would make this show go from good to great.

Slight Aside: When the Sabrina reboot was nothing but a twinkle in the CW’s eye it seemed very likely that it would crossover with the Archie comic adaptation- Riverdale given that they both exist in the same universe. Now The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is a Netflix show this has become significantly less likely. However, both shows have referenced the other’s respective town more than once, Easter Egg or something more?

At the end of this episode, I’m pretty dam sure we exist in the world of the 1960s, but witches age slower than humans, so maybe they’re just waiting to establish a time jump at the end of the first season? What do you think, lemme know!

Sabrina “Chapter One: October Country” Review

The Chilling  Adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch officially sprang up on Netflix this fine Halloween weekend and thanks to a fresh batch of insomnia I’m here to review it for you.

If you’re unaware, Sabrina the Teenage Witch is the story of Sabrina Spellman, a half human, half witch she must battle with the forces of good and evil inside herself to decide who she’s going to become.

Staring life of as a nemesis in the Archie comics during the 1960s, she eventually got popular enough to carry her own comic book series and then eventual 90s sitcom and TV movies.

This new television show isn’t a simple cut and dry reboot, as with many comic books there have been various adaptations over the years. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina takes its inspiration from the 2014 comic book of the same name.

In this one, we have the familiar setting of Greendale and the familiar cast of characters including Harvey as well Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda.  There’s a smattering of new characters as well including Cousin Ambrose, best friend Jaz and mean girl Prudence.

I’ve been super excited about this show since it was first rumoured to crossover with Riverdale and so far I’m pleasantly happy with the new series.

In the first episode of this new show we see Sabrina Spellman in the week leading up to her birthday and ‘dark baptism’ when she will finally become a witch, however, she still finds herself tied to her old life as a normal high schooler.

This show manages to maintain a level of fun creepy that’s thoroughly enjoyable all the way through without a big push on the story then check it out

Now let’s get into positives and negatives…

What I love

  • This show is insanely beautiful; director Lee Toland Krieger did a fantastic job of creating the ambiguous and mysterious world of Greendale. Parts are shot like a horror film, others like a dream sequence and some like a music video yet it all manages to feel cohesive, the visual element of the storytelling was gorgeous.
  • Again with show aesthetic, costume design and set design, you’re completely immersed in this world, and it’s very easy to get sucked in.
  • Furthermore, I appreciated the delicate balance of horror and comedy, the show itself isn’t afraid to delve into the macabre
  • The central conflict of Sabrina being reluctant to take up her dark baptism is a nice metaphor for girls/change/growing up.
  • A certain scene towards the end was beautifully executed.

What I want to love

  • I don’t feel like I know any of these characters yet, I’m not putting too much of an onus on the first episode, but I feel like I’ve seen a rough outline with no real complexities give me morally grey characters!
  • Would have loved to learn more about the witch stuff and how that builds up, it was briefly mentioned with Harvey, but I would have liked to know how she learnt spells and how it worked
  • I love Michelle Gomez as Ms Wardell/ Madam Satan but I think it’s criminal they wouldn’t let her use her Scottish accent. I suspect she plays a more prominent part later on in the series because having her as a henchman/side villain would be very sad
  • I’d also love to know more about the high school

Stand out moment

Magic happy dance around the house

Stand out character

Prudence played by Tati Gabrielle- pitch perfect mean girl with a gothic twist

Let’s see what the next one brings

Charmed Pilot Review

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s witchy reboot season, and the first offering is the revival/reboot/continuation of the 90s hit TV show Charmed now on the CW.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while (it’s cool I know you haven’t) you’ll know I’ve been following the Charmed revival since it was first in the works as a prequel just over two years ago.

The first episode aired on the CW last night with Madison, Macy and Mel being our new Charmed ones in a college setting with one dead mom and a book of shadows and ready to fight the forces of evil (I think.)

Ostensibly I thought it was a good pilot, things were set up but dynamics take a while to be defined, and I don’t think modern audiences are as cut out for a ‘monster of the week’ format as they were in the 90s but were this season is going remains to be seen.

Now lets got onto the thoughts I had about it as a whole, word of warning there are spoilers, and there’s no particular order to the list I’m just attempting to get a framework and pretend this blog is professional.

If you’ve watched, then please join me down below, if you haven’t go watch- it’s a fun 40 minutes- then read and please feel free to email and we will argue.

Things I liked About The Charmed Pilot.

  1. I love me a college setting with a solid reason for every sister being there; it’s like having a small-town setting with all the amenities of a big city- a perfect choice
  2. I enjoyed all the sisters as individual characters, everyone was clearly defined, and I believe that helps with the witty banter that weaved itself into the show
  3. It was campy af, from the dialogue to the way the story goes  and I love me some camp we’ve seen too many gritty revivals give me something silly
  4. Enjoyed the White Lighter character- looking at other comments I think I’m in the minority for this- but I guess they objectively need a light sparring energy to play off some of the more serious elements- again campy shit is something I enjoy
    Did not realise the eldest sister was British until I googled so I’m impressed with the accent
  5. The main ‘humanistic’ (is that the right word?) arc of the story to do with sexual assault within a college based environment I felt was handled well
    I liked all the acting  everyone was charming and seemed to have a hold on their character
  6. The sorority captain was also very funny, and I hope she stays around as like their human adversary
  7. Overall I liked it because it was fun, silly and an enjoyable piece of TV, I will be watching the next episode however if they don’t find their feet quick enough I am worried that this won’t last long

Things I didn’t like About The Charmed Pilot

  1. This should have just objectively been a two-hour special to settle into the rhythm of things as we moved very quickly from mom’s death to secret sister to we’re witches to there’s a demon oh wait that’s the wrong demon. We’re introduced to all these characters and what’s more these characters are added to each other, it just felt natural that it would take them a little longer. Two hours would have also given them time to set up the mystery more although I will be watching the next episode I’m not desperate to watch it if you get me
  2. At the moment I don’t understand why this is a Charmed reboot (or is it a revival or a continuation I don’t know atm) add one more sibling and make half of them male, and you could do the same storyline without the connection to Charmed. I feel like this show could have worked on its own merits it’s not like a Book of spells, and the Source of All Power are two unique concepts to the original Charmed.
  3. On a different but also kind of the same note, most revivals/reboots at least have a connection to the original and at least casting Daryl as campus security would have been a nice homage. I feel like Charmed fans are really loyal (we would have watched that Billy spin-off for christ sake.) Even the way the book and the whitelighter worked didn’t seem cohesive with the old show if you want to get the old fans on board you have to give us something.
  4. WHY WAS THE MAIN DEMON LITERALLY WALMART THE NIGHT KING- I will eventually find a screenshot but my god none of them mentioned it throughout the whole fight scene even said the shocking similarity to the Game of Thrones character- it was right there just put a lampshade on it
  5. I just feel like I don’t know what I’m in store for this season, will this work or will it be cancelled after three episodes who tf knows at this point.

Anyway, I’m here for the next lot of episodes, and I’m secretly hoping for an original cast appearance here’s the trailer for the second episode.

Wattpad Adaptations Are Going To Take Over Your Screen And Probably Your Life

The invasion is already here!

Production companies are scrambling over themselves to sign deals with books that first appeared on social-publishing site Wattpad. Teenagers and young women are now scoring multi-million-pound development deals because of novels they posted online, and we’re all going to be obsessed pretty soon.

What the F is Wattpad


For those unfamiliar with the website Wattpad it describes itself as “a community for readers and writers to publish new user-generated stories in different genres.” Writers can basically publish their work and receive comments, likes and follows; it’s basically if twitter and a kindle had a baby and all the books are free.

The website is especially popular with teenage girls and is known for fan fiction with some of the most popular stories being about boybands. And because we tend to dismiss anything adolescent girls like the site and its literal millions of active readers, writers and creatives went mostly unnoticed by the general public.

Kissing Booth


The Kissing Booth was one of the first Wattpad novels to get noticed by the general public, and you’ve probably seen the movie version pop up in your Netflix trending bar. Kissing Booth first came about in 2011 and was posted on the site by Beth Reekles and by 2012 it’d won onsite awards and garnered over 19 million reads.

To give you a quick comparison, you need roughly 5,000 to be considered an Amazon bestseller. It was published as an actual novel in 2013, and the original movie came out in 2018. Despite criticisms of the original film Netflix stated it was hugely popular which made others sit up and take notice.

Kissing Booth is the story of Ellie Evans who was currently enjoying her life with her best friend, finds herself face to face with her crush at the spring carnivals kissing booth- said crush being her best friends brother who she’s not allowed to date. It’s a simple, fluffy romantic comedy, not necessarily the thing that gets made anymore but you can’t argue with 19 mil.

Despite criticisms of the original movie Netflix stated it was hugely popular which made others sit up and take notice.

The Philippines Did It First


Although a lot of Wattpad stories have only recently signed deals to get Western publishing deals, there’s been a lot of adaptations of Wattpad stories in the Philliphines. The Bet, She’s Dating the Gangster, and Diary of an Ugly Person have all been adapted into respectfully successful films within the country, and the trend looks set to continue.

Watts Next To Come

Wattpad is coming for your TV whether you like it or not and here are just a few projects already in the works

Light As A Feather

A simple game of Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board goes very wrong when a group of girls start dying in the way the game predicted. This ten-part series began life as a Wattpad book which currently has over 3 million views and counting, kind of a cross-between Pretty Little Liars and American Horror Story it’s set to premiere on Hulu in a matter of weeks, check out the trailer here…

Death is my BFF

Sony Pictures recently required the rights to humour/romance/supernatural story Death is My BFF a story about a girl’s meeting with the personification of Death who happens to be a bit of a playboy. It’s a biting take on the supernatural boyfriend trope although Death is My BFF is an original story. What’s more, it currently has 92 million reads and counting.

Under Glass

Set under a glass-domed Mars Colony, a young girl leads a rebellion against a dictatorship. Under Glass has been optioned for film, said novel has been taken down from Wattpad but according to Deadline Stampede Ventures has acquired the rights to books, formats, graphic novels and video games to adapt for film and TV.


This is the one you might have heard of…

After was originally a fan fiction AU about Harry Styles and One Direction about Harry Styles as a college student in America and his relationship with a young freshman girl who’s super innocent and what not. I admit I haven’t read it may be the plot has more to it, but that’s what I got. It’s epic love; it’s a saga, it’s romantic, it’s two straight white people.

But After started getting attention when it reached 1.5 billion reads.

1.5 billion that’s 1/7 of the world’s population, I’m so tired. Anyway, the book was a runaway hit, it was published with Simon & Schuster, and according to wiki, there are currently 19 million copies in circulation. So there’s an audience for it which is why a film starring Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Harry (now Hardin) is currently being shot and is scheduled for release in 2019.



Hero played young Voldermort in the 6th Harry Potter film he’s now an adult which quite frankly is very rude of him 


Wattpad does have its flaws with problematic storylines being chief among them, but it’s also Hollywood’s teenage dream. In this little corner of the internet story trends live and die so instead of having to predict teen interests, popular stories are picked democratically by your audience, and when something gets popular it’s super popular, and you pretty much have a guaranteed audience.

What’s more, the data element is amazing when it comes to adaptation, readers have already made themselves known about aspects of the story they do like and bits they don’t. As a production company, you can iron out plot details and get rid of problems with a focus-group of literally millions within your demographic.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of all the books the site produces but there are some shitty ass books out there categorises as real literature so you can’t argue. Plus it does have a few gems, and it fosters a love of reading amongst a new generation, who can hate that? You can’t help but admire it for the power of teen girls and young women who’ve found a way to get their stories heard and forced men sitting in boardrooms to sit up and listen.

Expect to see a lot more Wattpad stories produced as movies in the future.

Just please…please no Kissing Booth part 2.


Riverdale: Season Two promo


Are you ready to return to Riverdale? The first promo dropped on youtube showing a darker times for Archie and the gang.

Fans of the show will remember the season one finale Fred Andrews confronted a man with a gun at Pop’s Chock Lit’ Shop.

There are also seems to be a lot going on with the Southside Serpents and Archie and Veronica’s relationship looks to be going to the next level.

Take a look and start theorising now!

The Suits spin-off pilot is a go!

We haven’t seen the last of Jessica Pearson as the Suits season 7 finale will serve as a backdoor pilot. As season 7 wraps up fan favourite Jessica Pearson will be moving to Chicago and she won’t be dealing with legal proceedings for long as the minds behind the new show (and the current show) gave hints to what is going on in the Windy City:

“Jessica is going to get in a tangle and a tussle with some Chicago politics players. They will be of different levels, from the Mayor on down, and maybe not all will be directly involved in politics. We may have a real estate developer or someone of that type, and some power brokers within the city and maybe further a little down the rung in that world. As we go though the spinoff episode, at the end hopefully you’ll have a great idea of what her future is moving forward and who’s a potential ally and who’s a potential enemy in her world.”

No hints of a title (although maybe they’ll continue with the trend and we will get Dress)

The Originals is ending in it’s fifth season

The Originals wrap up in it’s fifth and final season in a statement confirmed through Julie Pec’s twitter today. The Vampire Diaires spin off show about the Mikaelson family as they fought werewolves, witches and sire lines in New Orleans.

Preimering in 2013, the show regularly crossed over with The Vampire Diaires as many fans ‘shipped’ Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together it’s been theorised that her cameo in the season five priemere will be the start of fully-fledged relationship between the two.

The end of The Originals does also signify the end of vampire TV from that weird period of time when everyone on our screen had fangs 

So are you sad to see the show go or is it time for something new for the CW


Younger: Hilary Duff gets Mean Girl moment

Younger Season4 started off with a bang as Liza confessed to Kelsey that she’s actually a forty-year-old single mom instead of a twenty something millennial Like many before her with a secret identity Eliza kept her age a secret so the people she loved wouldn’t get hurt but now it’s out in the open (sort of) will anything be the same again?

In a recent interview with HuffPost Hilary Duff gave the deets on Kelsey’s state of mind…

“This lie has gone on for so long, and it has so cheapened all of their experiences, memories and things they’ve built together…Kelsey mean-girls her really hard”

As the divide between the two girls depends it looks as though Kelsey will be finding some comfort with Liza’s ex-boyfriend Josh, could there be a new OTP in the works?


Pretty Little Liars ‘Finale’ Review

-Warning the following contains spoilers from the final episode of Pretty Little Liars proceed with caution…

Or do whatever you want I’m a blog post, not a cop…

Pretty Little Liars came at the perfect time to say something interesting about cyber bullying and how quick our world went online. It addressed LGBT issues, addiction and murder throughout its seven-year run, Pretty Little Liars is part of pop culture history now and no one can take that away from them.

The twin theory has been floating around PLL since the first episode as in the books it’s Allie’s twin, Courtney that becomes one of the later plot twists. Of course, they had to turn it on its head I just didn’t expect it to be like this…

Till Death Do Us Part takes place a year after the previous episode which I think is probably for the best, it seems they’ve finally learnt their lesson after squishing the first three seasons into one school year.

There hasn’t been any word from A.D, Lucas is a tap dancer and Jenna has taken up horse riding…oh it’s a dream… I’m glad they are honouring the absurdist moments of PLL in the finale episode even if it’s more a nod then anything and Lucas gets a series wrap in a white top hat.

In the real world, it’s almost time for the wedding of Aria to her high school English teacher and everyone is excited, except Caleb and Hanna who are arguing after Hanna agrees to let Mona stay with them after she leaves Radley 2.0

I know this show doesn’t take place in the real world but shouldn’t Mona have a social worker? A concerned friend? A secret twin? Someone else out there that could take her away from this mess?

But everyone gets to the Lost Resort for the world’s most boring bachelor/bachelorette party (seriously if anyone was going to accidentally kill someone on their last night of freedom you would think it’d be these guys) And everyone gets busy except Toby and Spencer who bond over obscure word scrabble and unsaid feelings.

Except they don’t.

Yup, the long held Spencer twin theory turns out to be true with one shocking twist, Alex Drake is British. To be more exact she’s from the same place in England as Anne Hathaway from One Day.

Seriously, I think I could have been on board with the whole Spencer twin thing if it wasn’t so very clearly stuffed in at the last minute and the accent just felt unnecessarily jarring even for a show that balances the campy line.

The backstory being that Wren found Alex Drake in a pub in England by happenstance and told her the whole story of her sisters in the States and her secret twin. Cece and Alex bonded in Paris each with their own doctor boyfriend and a growing hatred for their sisters.

Alex created a lair complete with a fake prop house and locking cells (apparently all construction companies in Rosewood are great at no questions asked work)  and keeps Spencer in a cell while taking over her life. She also kidnaps Ezra because Alex is a messy bitch who lives for drama.

However, the main foil to Alex’s plan is Jenna and an oversensitive horse who recognise that she’s not Spencer and warn Toby who rolls with it.

Things are seemingly wrapped up with a wedding an engagement and a pregnancy announcement but the door is left open as Mona apparently has Mary and Alex Drake in a Dollhouse and the new Rosewood bitch is now missing…

This show was never going to have a satisfying ending with N.A.T club, Toby’s mom and if Wren is truly dead (or if they know he’s the baby daddy) still up in the air I’m at least grateful this show was crazy right till the end