Twin Peaks ‘Part 9’ Review

After a two week break (just enough time to recover from the existentialist crisis episode eight gave me) episode nine of Twin Peaks returns with a decidedly more character based episode that drives the plot forward- at least for now-

In a tale of two Coops, the evil one has made his way out of prison and to a ranch where a-list actors Jennifer Jason Leigh and Tim Roth as the rednecks waiting for him almost like this all just some part of Evil Coop’s master plan. Meanwhile, Dougie’s still in his stasis after nearly being murdered, at the police station his identity looks to be almost revealed with a coffee cup DNA test. But if I’m being honest I probably won’t get my hopes up for that until the last half of the episodes.

However, in Twin Peaks, the Sheriff department looks to be onto something with Bobby’s mother revealing that Major Briggs knew that one day Bobby and the rest were going to come to his house looking for information and reveals a secret coded message about two Dale Coopers.

Alternate dimensions are spoken into the ether as Matthew Lillard’s whimpering high school principal Will Hastings is revealed to be one of the many authors behind an alternative dimension blog that may or may not be linked to the death of time-travel of the Major.

Are we finally seeing the dots connect in the case of the Black Lodge and the White Lodge?

The episode ends with two young women at the Roadhouse talking about penguins and bears in a way that suggests they are not talking about penguins or bears, is this coded language suggesting some kind of drugs drop-off or the passage way into another dimension, with Twin Peaks it could be neither or it could be both.

Twin Peaks ‘Part 7’ Review

As we reach hour seven of the 18 hour Twin Peaks movie I’m afraid I must confess….

I have no actual clue what’s going on.

As Dale Cooper is seemingly waking up in the life of Dougie Jones and a very pissed off Diane enters the picture to face off with evil Coop there’s an enduring feeling that something is happening but we’re too close to see the full picture.

Although the seventh hour of the Twin Peaks epic is seemingly the most story-rich as they piece together the pages from Laura’s Diary hidden in the police station all those years ago, the mysterious and previously unseen Diane is an emotional tour-de-force in her moments with evil Coop leaving us to wonder exactly what happened the last time the two of them met.

This also seems to be the first time people are noticing that there is something wrong with both Dale Coopers as Doc Hayward reflects on his examination of Coop post-Black Lodge. This scene also showed us the first glimpse of more modern-day technology with the arrival of Skype and the iPhone in a separate scene maybe Twin Peaks is in some strange almost 21st-century world that only the edges of tech can touch.

But as Dougie seems to be waking up, no one is quite noticing he’s not right, in part due to Janey-E Jones who can seemingly scream criminals and police into submission as she solves both the car issue and the gambling debt simply by not shutting up.

The constantly tired and worried Mrs Jones is refreshingly comedic in the often macabre world of this show. I’m hoping she lasts long enough to get to Twin Peaks as I’d be interested to see how she reacts with some of the characters there.

The two scenes at the end both Coopers are breaking free from their current prisons, Good Dale stops Spike from attempting to assassinate him and Bad-Dale breaks out of prison after blackmailing the warden.

No one is quite sure where this story is going at the moment all I know is I’m ready for more and I’m hoping to see Michael Cena’s Marlon Brando impression again.

Twin Peaks ‘Part Six’ Review

It’s confusing, it’s upsetting and it’s a little crazy but what else would Twin Peaks be? Although still making very little sense episode six has found a balance between the old and the new characters which happen to be both frustrating and intriguing all at once.

As Dougie continues to amble his way through an insurance job and bookie debt collectors there are signs that the Dale Cooper we know and love might be waking up. Whether it’s his interest in the police badge or the One-Armed man informing him he has to wake up. Coop has to be coming back.

The Double R Diner continues to be the most satisfying part of the revival as it appears the infamous giggling Heidi has returned to work after a twenty-five-year hiatus or did she never really leave?

With the cyclical nature of most of Lynch’s work, Twin Peaks thrives on repetition including the numbers ‘324810’ which feature on the intersection a child gets run over in this episode. Whether this is to set up the ‘Kid’ as being the douchebag’s second coming or to show that Carl Rodd can also see things in the way that Dougie can see lies and jackpots will play out in the next episode.

It’s beautiful, it’s tragic and it’s mind-melting, Twin Peaks is starting to feel like home again.

Twin Peaks ‘Part Five’ Review

As the fifth part of a twenty hour movie Twin Peaks has barely scratched the surface of the story.

Cooper- sorry Dougie- isn’t living his best life as disembodied shell of the man he once was and no one seems to notice anything is particularly wrong. We discover that Dougie or whoever has been working in an insurance compan for long enough to have shitty friends and a flirty coworker.

Norma and Shelley are still at the diner and I don’t know what the fuck is in the coffee because apparently neither of them aged in the past twenty five years. But the more things change the more they stay the same as Shelley’s daughter Becky (played by the obscenely beautiful Amanda Seyfried) comes in needing money for her trashbag boyfriend.

Evil Coop and Bob are still together in the form of Coop who is now in prison (which is still as confusing to me as it was in the original all those years ago) now able to make the prison go insane.

Overall I’m still waiting for something to unfold, of course I knew this wasn’t going to be a Full House reunion but I’m itching for the other characters to make an appearance and for the storyline to click.

So till next time…

Twin Peaks ‘Return’ Review

It took over twenty-five years but the Twin Peaks revival is finally here, in all its Lynchian surrealist glory. If you’re looking for traditional TV then go somewhere else because this is something more.

The style is perceivably ‘old world’ in a way that TV hasn’t been since pre-Peak TV. Whether it’s the colour saturation, the low-tech used by characters or the stock footage of cities to signify location changes the first two episodes of Twin Peaks.

But there is a nostalgic style to the new Twin Peaks that doesn’t necessarily run with the same sort of revivals that have been coming in the past few years as last minute cash grabs gearing themselves to new audiences. Whether you’re entering the show for the first time or after binge watching the last two seasons you will have no idea what the fuck is going on for at least the first hour of this show.

It lacks the Hollywood movie styling of a Game of Thrones and the smooth art house style of something like American Gods. There’s a faltering cadence, lack of music and silences that we don’t often see in our usual slick TV. To summarise the first episode would be doing the show a disservice as we see Agent Cooper with a new hair-do and a new attitude



Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s the coffee


As the first episode ends, do I have any idea what is going on? No. Will I keep watching? Well, I’ll have to consult the log…

The plot is eventually unravelled with the reveal the Agent Cooper we’ve been seeing in the past hour of TV has been Cooper’s doopleganger from the BlackLodge.

Meanwhile in Twin Peaks world we’re informed that Cooper has been away for 25 years and no one has seen him.

Seeing Cooper and the dream situation again is the time that the revival really connects with Twin Peak fans.

But despite all of it, the confusion, the vignettes and backwards speak the last five minutes feels like a payoff.

We see the familar cast of characters in their lives 25 years later in a bar, the sheer ordinariess of it juxtaposes the nightmare of Cooper’s life.

As weird as the show is, there was a family small-town feel to the original series which it looks to be moving into for the next episode as the plot slowly unpeels itself one episode at a time.

5 Shows to watch instead Pretty Little Liars

As we wait with bated breath for Pretty Little Liars to come back for its final episodes we’re looking for other shows to fill the void of high drama, mystery shows set in a small town with a teenage cast…



The dark and twisty Archie comic book adaptation is still in its freshman series but it’s already got legions of fans. Taking place in the small town of Riverdale following Archie Andrews and his friends and the mysterious murder of Jason Blossom. Riverdale has the same young attractive cast, high school drama, and mystery.

Gossip Girl


The first anonymous social media star, Gossip Girl followed the lives of the young, rich and fabulous in New York City. With friendship and romantic drama heavy in the New York skyline, Gossip Girl doesn’t have the same stakes but if you go into the show looking for style and relationships then this in the show for you.

Twin Peaks


Both Twin Peaks and Pretty Little Liars actually follow similar premises with the death/disappearance of a mysterious enigmatic blonde girl. However, Twin Peaks focuses more on the investigation, like Rosewood the town of Twin Peaks has an unusual amount of secrets. If you enjoy the surreal and dreamlike moments of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll be on board with Twin Peaks.

Switched at Birth


If the intricate family drama is the reason you’re into Pretty Little Liars then you might like Switched at Birth. Centering around two girls who *spoiler alert* are switched at birth there’s class differences and a look into deaf culture that balances teen drama with heartwarming moments.

Veronica Mars


So it turns out there are more than a few shows that center around the mysterious death/disappearance of a blonde girl and I’m starting to feel weirdly insulted…Anyway, when her best friend Lily Kane dies Veronica Mars devotes her time to becoming a teen detective in her small town of Neptune. If you’re into the plot twists of Pretty Little Liars then you’ll like Veronica Mars, best to avoid season 3 tho.

By Katie Beech

‘Fire walk with Me’ too play an important part in Twin Peaks revival.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, the movie prequel to the cult TV show Twin Peaks will have a definitive role in the new revival series.

Fire Walk with Me followed the seven days prior to the death of Laura Palmer, as she heads down a road of night time decadence and secrets leading up to her demise.

The 1992 movie was a divisive film for both critics and fans but at the recent TCA David Lynch hinted that it will be important for the upcoming revival.

The eighteen part Twin Peaks series will premiere on May 21st on Showtime bringing back the legendary Special Agent Cooper to the iconic town.

Kyle Maclachlan talks Twin Peaks.

The new Twin Peaks revival has been shrouded in mystery since its announcement. As we get ready to delve back into Lauren Palmer’s world Lynch has released his book “The Secret History of Twin Peaks.”

But the hero at the heart of the tv show was the coffee-loving FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper as part of the 20th anniversary of cult-classic Blue Velvet Maclachlan also touched on the new Twin Peaks series.

“Returning to the actor-director relationship that we so enjoyed during Dune and Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks—the first Twin Peaks—was something that I honoured and was so grateful for.”

The new series will be airing some time during 2017, almost 27 years since the original was just six years into Kyle MacLachlan’s long and distinguished career.

“I went to work every day with incredible gratitude in my heart…There are a lot of new cast members, over 200 speaking cast members in total . . . some I saw, some I didn’t even see!”

Along with the main cast from the original series there’s also a whole host of new characters coming to town.

Apparently before his death David Bowie was supposed to be part of the new Twin Peaks series. Playing his character from the movie spin off Fire Walk with Me.

Twin Peaks reboot soundtrack trailer.

It’s a mouthful I know but that’s what happened.

Angelo Badalmenti, legendary composer of some of Lynch’s best work like Blue Velvet, the Twin Peaks saga, The Straight Story and Mulholland Drive appears in the first trailer for the revival of the iconic 90s series.

The Twin Peaks reboot has been a highly anticipated since the iconic line in the original series ‘see you in 25 years’ although this series will air 26 years later we don’t doubt that it will be equally as iconic.

Angelo Badalmenti appears in the first trailer for the film playing the theme tune to the series.