The Legacies Pilot Review

The Legacies, the spin-off to the Vampire Diaries spin-off, priemered on Thursday, the story of a teenage Hope Mikealson, the tribrid offspring of a vampire and a werewolf at the magic school in

Landon Kirby and Rafeal Whaithe are two foster brothers living with a highly religous foster parents when Rapheal is subjected to an excorcism. Saved at the last minute by a mysterious girl

One of the underrated elements of this show is that it could have taken place within the same time period as Vampire Diaries. There’s no reference to social media, no trump jokes and no real defining trends, in fact the one pop-culture reference I caught was to Twilight and Harry Potter.

The Salvatore school was beautifully set up, with the Vampire Diaries mythology to back  up  things such as magical chemistry and history it does genuinely feel like a CW version of Hogwarts.

The actors themselves were all fine, Hope Mikealson played a great substitue for Elena, Landon was interesting and  Alaric is the perfect link between the two worlds. The girl playing Lizzie Saltzman feels like the biggest weak link in the pilot- although maybe it was the distracting wig.

The party scene at the end of the episode is a direct call back to the party in the woods at the end of the pilot for Vampire Diaries. Drunk magical teens being fun, drunk and magical, Legacies proves that even magic can’t help with a broken heart.

The Legacies is an slick, stylish story that feels true to it’s two predecessors however is there still an audience out there that cares?

Personally I loved it, it was the perfect set up to the world for new viewers and had enough Easter Eggs to satisfy viewers of the original (lol) viewers. However will new viewers care?

The most popular teen shows at the moment are Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why and a variety of superhero shows, Vampires are a thing of the past I mean most current teenagers were 7/8/9 when there was the vampire boom was the biggest thing on the planet.

I wish there’d been more of the Kevin Williamson snappy dialogue or some of the violence from the first season of it’s original show. When Vampire Diaries came out it was the better looking, sexier, more violent  version of it’s wildly popular counterpart Twilight. Legacies really doesn’t have any contemporaries to draw from, except maybe the extended Harry Potter universe. Actually Legacies could have benefitted from a twelve month delay and poked fun at the slew of supernatural shows that have priemered this month.

I’d give Legacies a middle of the road opening, it’s charming but unless it gives us a reason to tune in (despite creepy Landon) then there might be just a finite amount of episode. There’s at least one season to this show but unless it steps up its game I worry that there’s nothing else to this show.

Demise in the Vampire Diaries finale?

Warning potential spoilers for Vampire Diaries next episode-

Can you believe Vampire Diaries is ending?

Eight years, hundred of episodes, thousands of dead humans and it’s coming to a close. And it looks like it’ll go out with a bang and it looks like not everyone will survive the finale

In a recent interview with JJJ Julie Plec hinted at a death in the series finale

Someone is going to have to be murdered in the fight against the bad guy. So there were a lot of discussions about who that should be. And the choice of who it was, was made entirely out of character, bringing a character full circle to its proper conclusion.

So who do you think it’s going to be, Elena? Caroline? Damon? Or Stefan?

Or is it a fakeout for something entirely different.

Let us know your theories!

The Originals: Alaric to guest star

Season four of The Originals looks to be jam-packed when it premieres later this spring. Including Alaric Saltzman, former professor, turned hunter, turned Vampire, turned professor again who will be making an appearance in episode eight of the new series.

Alaric (played by Matthew Davis) will reportedly be using his expertise in the supernatural and magical artefacts to help Elijah fight a new threat befouling the Mikaelson family (can they ever catch a break?)

Not the first of the Vampire Diaries family too crossover to The Originals, the show has also seen guest appearances by Katherine (Nina Dobrev) Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) and Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)

And it apparently won’t be the last of the Vampire Diaries cast to make an appearance on its sister show. Julie Plec (Showrunner) has expressed a desire to see the cast crossover as Vampire Diaries ends this year and The Originals continues on.

The Vampire Diaries: When Vampires grow up…

As Vampire Diaries settles into it’s final season the show goes with a new evil villain, an evil Damon and star-crossed lovers in the form of Enzo and Bonnie.

I love the new villain, a beautiful and evil Siren by the name of Sybil who is using her siren call to get both Damon and Enzo to do her bidding. The Vampire Diaries is often a shit shower of plotholes and character inconsistencies but it does wonders with it’s villains, whether it’s Katherine, Klaus or the Original Stefan there is something insanely watchable about a powerful evil being that is taking joy in it.

In the A story Enzo puts up his defences and Damon uses his meeting with Elena as his safe place but both are stripped away and she decides to pit them against each other.

With Bonnie forced too choose between Damon who might just be her best friend and Enzo who she’s madly in love with. She chooses Damon because well… he’s killed a bunch of people she quite likes and Bonnie has taken over the Elena mantle for this season and is a ride or die with the boy she likes.

I’m wondering what the end game with the Siren and the humanity switching off for both Enzo and Damon. The show seems to be enjoying a middle season not it’s last with the introduction of Alaric’s intern, new nannies and Caroline’s kids.

To be honest the CW isn’t above doing the same shit for eleven seasons so it’s nice to see characters move on in life. Stefan and Caroline’s relationship feels natural, although the proposal seems a little out of left field, the kids are a consistent part of the story and it’s nice to just see a little bit of drama that’s more Friday Night Lights than Buffy.

Vampire Diaries season eight still has a long stretch out in front of it but hopefully in it’s final season we can have a little fun.

Finally the end showed us the return of Tyler Lockwood, he and Damon face off and Tyler informs him that there’s no going back if he kills him. Although you have to wonder why Tyler wouldn’t have a vervain needle with him at all time like the littlest Salvatore (r.i.p) it’d be great if in Season Eight they had the balls to kill off half their main cast


Vampire Diaries: Final season starts with a song…

A car housing two new strangers come into shot, is Vampire Diaries getting two new characters in the last season? The two characters are on their way back from a superhero comic-con event- the two are arguing about the point of the new superhero craze and we know he’s done for when he says the line…

“I’m just glad the whole vampire craze is dead.”

Vampire Diaries got legitimately good reviews in the first season as Kevin Williamson of Scream fame created an  almost meta-Vampire series that called itself and the whole craze out. And as a humanity switched off Damon is reading 50 shades of Grey (a role Ian Somerhalder campaigned for) it seems like in this episode Vampire Diaries remembers that it’s supposed to be a little bit funny…

Enzo and Damon use the old “pretend to be runover trick” and handover the most evil of the two too the scary demon in the Warehouse covered in bodies. The two are Renfields (Great reference- this whole episode kills it pop culture wise) too the evil in the Warehouse controlling them and making them handpick evil human snacks.

Meanwhile in Mystic Falls or wherever they are now, Bonnie is trying to find Enzo, Stefan and Caroline are hot and heavy and Alaric is trying to create a collection of supernatural artefacts discovering a new hidden collection which totally won’t become a plot point in future episodes…

Bonnie and Enzo seem to have taken over the main tragic love story of the season as there looks to be no signs of Elena returning. Bonnie desperately wants to find Enzo who is leaving her clues about what the demon down below will be. Stefan and Caroline look to be relatively functional and Caroline has some baby drama with her dislike of the nanny.

Things turn around to the more intense as crazy hunter lady escapes the mental institute and comes for Caroline, kills the nanny and is almost about to kill the kids when Caroline comes in as the White Knight she is and is about to fuck shit up when crazy lady bites off her own tongue to avoid interrogation.

I mean I’m great at avoiding problems but that’s on a whole other level.


  • The lead-up to Klaus was probably the apex of the show, the Siren as the big bad of this season just feels unnecessary
  • Kevin Williamson wrote this episode and you can feel it- he should have been writing most seasons to be honest
  • The lack of Elena is working in their favour

What did Joseph Morgan say about the new season of the Originals?

In a recent instagram video Joseph Morgan spilled the beans on what we can expect to see on the fourth and possibly final season of the CW’s vampire show The Originals.

In the video Morgan commented that:

“Someone will be betrayed. There will probably be a staking of some kind or another. Blood will flow. Enemies will become friends, friends will become enemies. Strange and new alliances will be formed.”

Grown-up Hope had also been seen on set, played by the adorable Summer Fontana, at the end of season three we saw Hayley take Hope away from New Orleans in order to give her the safety that Hayley never got growing up

However pictures released from set show them all in the woods, including Nathaniel Buzolic and Claire Holt are confirmed back for the first episode of the season what comes after that we don’t know…


The fourth season of The Originals arrives in early 2017, a 13 episode season leaving some fans to suspect that the CW wants both the Vampire Diaries and the Originals to end at the same time.

First look at final Vampire Diaries season 8

After eight seasons we are finally saying goodbye to the Vampire Diaries.

An explosive season seven where Damon managed to kill the Everlasting and get out of the vault which housed an unkillable evil which has been around for thousands of years.

We may have got a hint at that Elena return The Vampire Diaries as apparently Nina Dobrev did record new dialogue for that episode.

Of course Elena is currently under a Sleeping Beauty style curse where she only wakes up when Bonnie dies so what that spells for the Bennet Witch remains to be seen.

Season eight is returning with that tagline from season one “Hello Brother” and a very dark undertone and we can’t wait to see how they end this story.